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July 16/04Well i'm sorry to say Devious didn't make it to round 2 of the Yamaha Last Band Standing. Oh well. Thanks to the 2 fans that came out(you know who you are; much love)! Anyway... lots of shows coming up! July 30th, we're headlining a show at the Ambelside Youth Centre with Keen's Dream, Tokyo Nightlife, and A Steady Vertigo. August 2nd, we're playing a FREE show(again!!!) at the Harmony Arts Festival in west vancouver. Check out for info on that. We're playing last(at around 5-ish), so it should be a scene. Finally, we're playing Noise Concept 2004 at the Ambelside Youth Centre August 13, with Timmy Torment, Martial Law, Oppose the Hero, The Repulsive, and the Glorious Janitors, who are fucking RAD. If you like your metal, these guys are more than worth checking out. One helluva tight band. Anyway, that show's only $5, and for 6 bands that ain't too damn bad at all. Other than that, we're waiting for our opportunity to go back to Solid Wood Studios to record What Doesn't Kill You... (yes it WILL happen this summer; be patient), and it should happen soon. That's all for now; check out the "Shows" section for all the pertinent info. P.S I'm turning 18 in 5 days! Go get drunk on the 21st, or get ahold of me and maybe, if you're cool enough, you can get drunk with me. Scene whores need not apply. Meh i'll probably just get drunk at Griffin skate park, so come down on the 21st or something. Whatever. Have a good one! Cheers, -Max Devious

June 14/04Hello everyone! First off we'd like to thank everyone who represented for the Devious at the West Van Community Day show June 5. For those of you who didn't go, WE WON! Again! This time we won a really nice guitar, and 4 tickets to the BC Lions season opener this friday; so we're gonna get shitfaced and watch us some football! Ohhhh yeah!! Anyway, in other news, let me clarify this banner we have up here right now. We were asked to play in the Yamaha Last Band Standing competition, a Canada-wide battle of the bands consisting solely of unsigned bands of all ages. We're playing the June 29 show at the Mesa Luna, along with tons of other bands, notably Fred's Fear and Beer for Breakfast. Tickets are $15 at the door, but they're $10 if you buy one from us! If you're interested in coming, PLEASE email someone in the band (look under the COntact section) and we'll find a way to send a ticket your way. The more tickets we sell, the better our chances of picking the best play slot(ideally between 7:30 and 9:00), and also advancing to the next round. I know it's alot of money just to see one band, but PLEASE help us out! If we make it far enough in this thing we could get some really good exposure! Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll see you on the 29! Cheers, -Max Devious

May 31/04Well, the 23 was a raging success!! Thanks to Arkata and Far From Heroes for coming here all the way from Ontario on tour, to play in some dude's basement, for a bunch of beer! Truly amazing, that is... Anyway, onto other news. So this saturday is the West Vancouver Community Day battle of the bands. I don't have any specific schedule info, but i do know that it all starts at 5:30, at Ambelside Park(NOT the Ambelside Youth Centre; don't confuse the two). Ambelside park is a big... grass field right beside the skatepark at Ambelside Beach; you can't miss it. So yeah it starts at 5:30, and it's FREE! So come down and fuck shit up for Devious, and give us the support we need to win this thing! Just watch out for drunken West Van homeboys; they're always a problem. Haha anyway... that's all for now. We're going to be recording What Doesn't Kill You... sometime in July, and just to set the rumor straight(if there ever was one..), Devious will be stepping into the studio again sometime after summer(Sept-Oct.) to record another EP! It might be put onto a split with Run Out Screaming, on Face Records. Anyway i'll put more info out on that as i gather it. The Three Inches of Blood show is still happening, but it won't be until July, due to monetary problems faced by the promoter. I'll keep all y'all posted on all this info. That's it for now, keep on rockin! And don't forget this saturday! Cheers, -Max Devious

May 10/04 The 22nd has been cancelled, in an unfortunate turn of events. Sorry to all of you who were stoked on that show. Other than that, everything is in order... We didn't play the battle of the bands on friday, but the Knucklehead show went splendidly! Thanks for coming down and supporting them; they're definitely an incredible band. Also we'd all like to thank you for coming down on saturday to the battle at St. Catherine's; we won!!! It was the best show(or set of shows) we've ever played; our set in round 3 set a new standard for Devious' live show; expect WAY more energy than you've ever seen before. We're good for the 15th now... if you come down to see us play in Langley, i will be very impressed! Other than that, we are now officially playing with End This Week With Knives and THREE INCHES OF BLOOD in mid June! A section of Abbot st.(i believe) downtown will be closed off, and a 16-foot section of the infamous Cractpipe is going to be thrown smack dab in the middle of it all, while we rip it up for the skaters and all the kids that come down to watch the show. More news on that when i get more. Other than that, we don't have anything planned; the West Van Community Day show will most likely be changed to sometime later in June, maybe the 19th. I'll post that up here as soon as i know as well. That's it for now; once again, thank you those who came down for Knucklehead and the battle, it was a total blast!! Cheers, -Max Devious

May 5/04 Ok so here's the deal. The Far From Heroes show has been changed to the Underwear Farm on Hastings. Griffin could no longer do the show, so it's been relocated there. It's going to be $8, and the show's gonna start right at 7 PM. I expect everyone there; it's gonna be a blast. I'll update the shows section as soon as possible. Also, the May 15 show has been confirmed, and it'll be Devious' first show ever in Langley!! Should be a good time. That's all the updates for now. See y'all at the shows! Cheers, -Max Devious/i>

April 27/04 Alright... so Devious has 6 shows in May! Remember how we were gonna play that battle of the bands at the West Van Ice Rink May 7? Well, we still are now; we're just up last. Other than that, we're also playing the battle of the bands at St. Cats on the 8th. We were asked to play May 15 at the Langley Civic Centre, so that's that. We're playing with Far From Heroes may 22nd at Griffin, and once again may 23 at a house party:)!!!! Soooo in total that's 6 shows. We're also possibly playing with Youthinasia at Griffin June 4, because i'm booking them. Then we're playing the WV Community Day show June 5 as well. If you were ever miffed cus Devious didn't have enough shows, i hope this makes up for it!!! Cheers, - Max Devious

April 23/04 Some news; the Knucklehead show is still a go, however, it will be starting at 6:00 PM now, to make sure Knucklehead isn't late for their gig at the 'balt. Also, i've decided to jack the price down to $6. So come, you cheap bastards! On another note, i added What Doesn't Kill You... to the Lyrics section. Enjoy! That is all. Cheers, -Max Devious

April 21/04 Happy 4:21 everyone; i hope everyone had an even better 4:20. So big news.... May 8th is cancelled. But fear not!! It's re-scheduled to May 7. Same place, same bands, same price, Only it starts early, to accomodate Knucklehead because they're playing a show at the Cobalt later that night. Lights Below will be on at 6:30 SHARP, doors will be at 6:15. Griffin has a 140 person capacity, so come early!!! Unfortunately, that does mean that we are no longer playing the battle of the bands at the West Van Ice Rink. However, on the 8th we will now be playing the battle of the bands at St. Catherines Church, the place near the village. We were super stoked to play that, so this is a very very good thing. Other than that, we will be playing a super rad show with Spawner Records' own Far From Heroes May 22nd at Griffin!! Now this isn't confirmed yet, but start spreading the word. That's all, see you guys on the 7th! Cheers, -Max Devious

April 4/04 Hey there everybody. Got some news for ya; we have three, count em, THREE battles of the bands coming up! Two of which are in West Vancouver, oddly enough. Our buddy Pat Jennings hooked us up with em. The first one is Friday, May 7th. I don't know where, or exactly when it starts, or who else we're playing with other than Solemn Fist, but i'll find out and update the Shows section a little better than i have today. Then we have May 8th at St. Catherine's Church right beside Edgemont Village, with a ton and a half of other bands. Once again i'll get updates on all the TBA information and put it up. Finally we have West Vancouver Community Day on June 5th, which is going to be huuuge! I expect all Devious fans to attend! Oh and of course the Knucklehead show May 8th. That's all we got right now; we MIGHT be recording What Doesn't Kill You... next saturday at Solid Wood. I'll keep ya posted on that too. Cheers, -Max Devious

March 27/04 Whoa big news!! I just confirmed a date at Griffin on May 8, and KNUCKLEHEAD is going to be headlining!! For those of you who have heard of them before, come!! Haha for those of you who haven't, they're an insanely good Oi/Punk band from Calgary, and they are SO much fun. It's gonna be one helluva scene. Along with them, the lineup looks to be either Intertwine, a metal band from god-knows-where(i'll find out soon), us, the one and only Mr.Solid, and last but definitely not least, Knucklehead. Anyway that's all, just thought i'd let all you guys know. Cheers, -Max Devious

March 27/04 Hey there everyone! Sorry if i scared anyone, but Newspeak actually didn't break up, they just couldn't make it to the 20th. Anyway, the show was awesome. Thanks everyone for coming down, it was lots of fun. Now in more recent news, we just confirmed a show April 9th in Richmond, with Solemn Fist, and the Witness Protection Program!! I'm not sure of where it is in Richmond, or the price, or who else will be playing, but as soon as i know I'll fill all you guys in. Now on the recording front... Solid Wood is booked out right now, so we can't go into the studio just yet, but it will be done. So, don't you worry!!! Cheers, - Max Devious

March 16/04 Well, some sad news for the 20th.... don't worry, we're still playing, but Newspeak has unfortunately broken up, and will no longer be playing saturday. In an interesting twist, the Treatment Room will be replacing them!! -Max Devious

March 13/04 Oh Hey! By the way... We have a new site to put up songs. The URL is As the name of the website implies, we can only upload hardcore songs, so i'm on the lookout for a place where we can put a nice mixture of our music. But for those of you more into our hardcore shit, enjoy!!

March 13/04- Hey there everyone, i have some updates for y'all. I'm sorry if anyone was confused over the march 6 show, it was cancelled, and i believe the johnsons played at the langley civic centre, or some cafe in abbotsford, but unfortunately we didn't play. The April 3 show is also cancelled for us, but it'll be a good show nonetheless; to replace us is a great band from Burnaby called Lights Below, and to replace Harmless Heroes is Mr.Solid. Lights Below will be playing 2nd, instead of us, and Mr.Solid will be playing right before the Retreads. Come down to the show, it's gonna be a good one!! Other than that, we do have some prospects for shows. We were offered to play at Griffin on friday march 26, so the first friday after spring break. We also might be playing with the Witness Protection Program in Richmond on April 9. We're going to have two shows coming up in May and June, one of which we will be playing with an AWESOME Calgary oi/punk band called Knucklehead. If you haven't heard of them, i STRONGLY suggest you come down. These guys are SO much fun i can't even stress it to you. Other than that, we're going to be playing a battle of the bands in St. Catharine's Church, which is right off of Rigdewood, about a block and a half out from Edgemont Village. No date for that one yet, but i'll keep you posted. Finally, we MIGHT be getting a show with the one and only SNFU!! No more details on this, or promises that we'll even be playing, but we can always dream.... *sigh*. Once again i'll keep you posted on that one. And i want to apologise for the fucked-up thing that pops up before you can go into the site, and whatever the hell is wrong with the Guestbook. I wish i knew what it was, or how to get rid of it, but i'll have to ask some of my more nerdy friends, see if they have anything up their sleeves. Anyway that's all for now, keep rockin and i'll see you all next Saturday at Seylynn, that show is going to be a fuckin blast!! P.S We're going into the studio to record What Doesn't Kill You... within the next month, guaranteed. Cheers, Max Devious

Feb. 14/04- Happy Valentine's day! I hope all the couples are having a great day, and all you single folk out there find a nice hooker for the night. Anyway, the April 3 show at Seylynn is confirmed, I got a band called The Brat Attack coming, they're touring here allllll the way from Ontario, so it should be a good one. Unfortunately, the March 6 show with the Johnsons is cancelled, which is a real bummer. Other than that, everything's going smoothly. We're steping back into Solid Wood Studios in a few weeks to record What Doesn't Kill You..., a new hardcore song that I wrote that is going to become the Studios' promo song!!! For those of you that were at our release show on January 16, you'll know why it's good enough to represent an entire recording studio... anyway that's all the updates for now, i'll see y'all at the next show! Cheers, Max D

Feb. 4/04- Happy new year everyone!! Sorry, my computer's been down since the middle of the christmas holidays and i just got my internet back up and working again. Thank you to everyone who showed up at our cd release on Jan. 16, it was SO much fun!! Honestly one of the best sets we've played. I also wanna thank everyone who bought our cd, and warn the people that stole 5 of our cds that you're fucking dead, chumps... Anyway, unfortunately we had to cancel our show in Langley due to some shitty complications, but we have some more shows coming up. Currently there is a show being planned for Griffin Rec Centre on the 28th of Feb. with Chalk Outlines, The Associates, Solemn Fist, and Newspeak! That should be fun, i'll keep y'all posted on that. In other show news, well, there's alot of it!! We are scheduled to play a show with one of the greatest skate punk bands ever, in my opinion, The Johnsons!!! That'll be somewhere in Abbotsford/Chiliwack on March 6. We have a show at seylynn on March 20, with Chalk Outlines, and, I believe, Newspeak and Claim the World. Finally we have a show April 3rd at Seylynn, with Harmless Heroes(a great band), and The Retreads!!! They're releasing a CD that day. If you haven't heard (or heard of) The Retreads, then you absolutely must come to this show!! They're totally radical. And if you have heard of them, then come! Anyway, that's all i have for now. Other than that, uhh.... buy a cd!! Cheers, -Max Devious

December 15/03- Well hello all, some things to update once again... I just spoke with Duncan today, and i'm gonna be picking up the first mix of our CD sometime this week, so expect some early versions of a few songs available within a week or two. More stuff with Mr.Solid, they agreed to play on the 16th at our CD release, so that's all settled, and the show's completely ready to go!! One more change I made though is that instead of Mr.Solid headlining, we are going to be last, so we'll be playing for a veeery long time... should be fun. More news, we might be playing in Abbotsford on Jan. 10, as I have updated in the Shows section. I know that's hella far away, but I will personally hump the leg of any fan who actually ventures out that far with us, haha. Anyway that's it, keep on truckin'. Cheers, -Max Devious.

December 14/03- Hey everybody; things are going well... we still don't have the CD, but that's just cus good ol' duncan is making sure it sounds perfect b4 he gives it to us. Anyway, the cd release show has had some lineup changes... unfortunately, New World on Fire backed out, they're recording that day, so i got D.S.S to fill in the #2 spot. The Black Halos declined our offer, due to issues with money, and the size of the hall. Mr.Solid isn't confirmed as the headlining band yet, but i'm pretty sure they'll say yes. In other news, we've gotten some offers for shows, some pretty damn far away. OK only one show very far away, but we have two coming up. First off, we have a show at Griffin Rec Centre this friday the 19th, with D.S.S, and it's only 4 bucks! If you're a Devious fan of old you should show up, because we'll probably be playing some very, very old songs.... I hope I see everyone there, it'll be fun. Secondly, we might have a show out in Langley on the 31st of January at.... umm... ok i forget the name of the place at the moment, but it'll come to me, and i'll let y'all know. It's some sort of Battle of Bands, and apparently the place is pretty nice, despite how Langley smells like cow shit.... but anyway, let's not get into that, ahem. Lastly, we might be stepping into the studio again someday, to record a single. I picked up a phone number from a flyer for a Vancouver recording studio called Sick Grooves, and they're willing to record one song for a band for free, and it sounds damn tempting!! Anyway that's it for the Updates for now, I wanna see all of you friday!! Cheers, Max Devious

November 24/03- Hello again. So right now's kinda a quiet period for Devious; we don't have any shows until January, because we're just taking a little time off from shows to write, and get the CD in order. It's going along very well, and the mixing/mastering will be done in about 2 weeks, and the CD will be ready by January, in time for our cd release. Speaking of which, our cd release show looks to be quite a good one! So far, the lineup is going to be Sans Nathaniel, us, New World on Fire, Martial Law, Mr.Solid, and none other than the BLACK HALOS!! Tickets will be in between 10 and 12 bucks, and the show'll start a little earlier than usual. The date i have right now is friday the 16th of january, and it will most likely be at the Ambelside Youth Centre. If not, it'll be at Griffin. Either way, both of those halls cannot fit more than about 230 people, so come as early as possibly to get in! It's gonna be one helluva show. In other news, the show we were gonna play on the Island for the Honor Roll compilation has fallen through, so sorry guys, no Devious 'til January. Also, soon we'll have some studio pics up, and some promo-type pictures of us practicing and hanging out in Conor's basement. That's all for now, and listen for us on (*hopefully*) Punkorama in late December/early January! Peace out homies, -Max Devious

October 23/03- Well i'd like to thank everyone for coming out to the Treatment Room's last show ever, it was so fuckin rad! You will be missed, and never be forgotten. And i'm sorry on my part for not posting that show on the site. Anyway, we have a few possible shows coming up in November and December, and i'd like to say that we're DONE recording! The last session was made Oct. 18, where we finalised some guitar tracks and did all the vocals. It sounds absolutely great, it's going to be quite a cd! No release date confirmed yet, but hopefully(if everything goes as planned) it'll be before Christmas '03. Anyway, onto the dates... we'll probably be playing a show at the Ambelside Youth Centre on the 7th of November, with Catalyst, R.O.S, and other bands which i can't remember at the moment. We also were asked to play at the Gypsy Hotel in Abbotsford, though i don't know if that's gonna fall through. Anyway, finally we were also asked to play a show on the Island on Dec. 5th, for the Honour Roll compilation. I'll update more info on both the comp and that show when i get more uh.... info. Anyway, that's all for now, thanks for coming out last saturday, and make sure to come this friday to HALOWEEN 4 at the AYC! It's gonna be an unforgettable show. Make sure to remember though, it starts at 4. It's a little early. And S.O.S broke up, but they found a band to replace them, so we'll still be on 2nd. Anyway i hope to see y'all there, and i WON'T be seeing you at the brickyard, cus i got my fake ID and im gonna see Raised Fist on friday, and Death By Stereo on sunday!!! hehe sorry... i love gloating. Cheers, Max Devious

October 5/03- Terribly sorry for the long period of silence, my computer was being a total bitch... anyway the show on the 6th was fun, and even though i didn't break even and i owe my dad money, everyone that came had a great time, so in one sense the show was great.... thanks Belvedere for coming down, and thanks Duncan for doing sound. The 20th was great too, but unfortunately the cd did not come out. Expect it out(FOR SURE) in mid November. We have one minor guitar part to change, and then all the vocals to do. After that we are completely done, and the mixing/mastering, then pressing can begin!! We have a show coming up on the 17th of October at Griffin Rec Centre, with R.O.S, D.S.S, Freedom to Oppress, and The Treatment Room. Unfortunately, it is TR's last show ever. I'm really gonna miss that band... *sniff*. Good luck with your respective side projects! Anyway that's about all i have to report; thanks to all our fans who r being patient about the CD not coming out. Anyway, that's it for now. Cheers, -Max Devious

August 19/03- Alright I'm doing the last 5 tracks of my bass today, and Owen's doing his tracks as well. It should be a good time, and Briac's back tomorrow! We'll be doing his tracks over with a better guitar, doing his solos as well, and finally doing vocals and group shouts. We have almost finalised the pressing deal, it looks like we'll be starting off with 100 cds... so get em fast! Make sure to tell everyone you know about the Belvedere show on the 6th, and our release party on the 20th of September. Look for a possible show in November with Knucklehead, and a show in October with the Black Halos too! On a side note, I think Devious finally has a logo. Tell me if this is cool: basically it's a pirate flag, but replacing the crossbones are two guitars, and the skull on top has an eyepatch, a bihawk and some piercings and whatnot. Sound cool? Lemme know in the guestbook or somethin what you think. That's it for now, keep on truckin'. -Max Devious

June 25/03- Recording is going splendidly, we did conor's tracks in 6 hours on monday, and briac did all his in 2 and a half hours yesterday, which is pretty damn crazy! This record is going to sound absolutely fucking amazing, i'm quite excited. Coming up next week is my tracks, and owen's tracks, then we get into my vocals/backups, and any group shouts we can fit in there. When briac gets back he's going to do his solo tracks and his vocals, and the record will be ready for pressing! In other exciting developments, the show with Belvedere on the 6th of september is finally good to go. The lineup will be The Treatment Room, us, Newspeak, The Failure and Belvedere. That is going to be an absolutely KILLER show, i tell ya right now. Anyhoo that's all for now, see y'all around. -Max Devious

June 21/03- Wow, last night was fuckin rad! We played a great set, Dysfunctional rocked the house, FTO kept that shit goin, and Martial Law... i wasn't expecting that from them, so good on ya! And HIMSA... holy shit. The closest i've heard to something like that is 3 Inches Of Blood, but these guys were in a league of their own.... good job boys, come back soon! Thanks to the AYC for closing an hour late, and Steve for putting us on the bill at the last second. In other news, we step into the studio on monday the 23rd! On the 29th Briac is leaving for 7 weeks or so, he'll be back on the 20th of August. Look for us to possibly play Dysfunctional's cd release party in late, late August. Other than that there's really nothing to say, other than keep on checking back here for updates on the recording, and I promise that the live cd will go on sale very soon. Cheers, -Max Devious

June 12/03- Well i have some more amazingly good news... after a few phone conversations, i have confirmed that BELVEDERE will be coming to Seylynn Hall on September 6th!! You can bet for damn sure we'll be playing with them, and another band from Calgary, The Failure, is coming with them as well. I haven't decided on the other two bands as of now, but lemme tell ya now that's going to be the best Seylynn show in a VERY long time!!!! I'll keep you posted on that. In other news, our record release party is most likely going to be September 20th at seylynn, and expect to see ONLY North Vancouver bands on that bill.... gotta represent the NVPR(riiiiight....)!!! Anyway we have a sketchy list of songs for the new record too, the list goes(in no particular order): My Salvation, Better Off, Let Go, Stupid Kids, Dripping Red, Act Of War, Duck Tape, Presidents Of The AA, The Black Dot(aka the Pirate Song), a new and unheard song... , Unspoken Ideas, and a secret song.... hope that keeps everybody interested. Have a great summer y'all, and look out for NVRA, the ultimate NV collaboration, July 26 at Seylynn! -Max Devious

June 2/03- Alright, drum roll please.... After final exams, Devious will be stepping in the STUDIO!! We're going to be recording at Solid Wood Studios, with Duncan Ius of Mr.Solid fame. Over the summer we will be doing the 12-song LP, and getting copies pressed. Expect a big cd release party and the record to be out by next school year! In other news, we have NEW MP3s up! Live versions of Let Go and Shifty are now up on, go check em out!! Plus the show on saturday was a huge success, i have never seen so many kids at the AYC before. Thank you to everyone that came out! Now click on "Media" and go to "Devious MP3s" and give em a listen! Catch y'all later! -Max Devious

May 25/03- Alright kids, i have a 2-song sampler of Devious' live set from two weeks ago in my hands right now. The two songs are Shifty, a short little ska song, and Let Go. They should be up on our site within two weeks or so; for now the only song up there is Act Of War and that'll change soon. P.S They sound AMAZING! When the fully mixed version comes into our hands, roughly 50 copies will be burnt and sold at shows for 5 bucks, so if you want one either come down to a show or email me and i'll help you out! See you guys next saturday at the AYC. -Max Devious

May 12/03- Well shave my head and call me a chicken fucker! The seylynn show was unforgettable!! I wanna put out a HUGE thank you to everyone that came, it was quite possibly the most pumped up show we've ever played. And the deal to buy our recordings has been finalised... expect to hear some new shit up on; we'll put up our 3 best live recordings. To everoyne in the pit that night.... THANK YOU! You kept it high-energy all night and really gave us the motivation to give it our best. Haf-wit played an awesome, catchy set, the treatment room delivered as always, with a special guest singer of none other than Matt Smith(and who can forget Beaucevar;) )! And Mr.Solid... holy shit... no words can express.... haha anyways, by next weekend we'll have live shit up, and it'll most likely all be new stuff. Expect to see some pictures up too(finally), courtesy of Leah. I expect to see you all at Death By Stereo this saturday, and of course at our show at the Ambelside Youth Centre on the 31st! P.S I cannot thank Duncan solid and Cody enough for recording us and giving us the honor of playing at Solid's comeback show... you guys are great. -Max Devious

May 6/03- Hey there boys and girls, time for another update of all things Devious. So the big show's this saturday!! We're on from 8:15 to 8:45, for those of you who want to know for one reason or another... Our live recordings from the 10th MIGHT be circulated on the internet, though we aren't sure as of yet. Expect to hear some new shit from us this weekend, and for all you hardcore Devious fans (pffffffffff that's a laugh...) , we're playing a show at our high school, Handsworth secondary, that afternoon as well. We're on from 1:30 to 2:00 for that. Oh and to follow up on what I said about Belvedere before... i talked to Steve, the singer, and he said they'd love to come down and play here as long as they aren't on tour or have any other commitments. So what this means is, you should start expecting Belvedere to play here in north van with us! Anyhow that's all for now, we'll see you guys on the 10th. -Max Devious

Apr.30/03- Just put up the lyrics for the songs I wrote that Devious still plays... either tonight or tomorrow, Briac's songs will be updated too. Wow this is the first time i've updated the site; it's pretty spiffy!!! Expect to read my wacky and stupid commentary alot more! I STRONGLY advise anybody who is at this site to come to seylynn May 10, it's going to be an insane show. The whole thing is going to be recorded live, and Duncan Solid is gonna make a Live At Seylynn comp cd... muahahaha! We're also recording a full-length cd over the summer, and that WILL happen for sure, we just aren't sure of where we're going to record it yet. Expect to see that available by the 2003-2004 school year. In other mostly pointless news, i'm going to try and get Belvedere to play seylynn hall on september the 6th, and if that does happen, expect to catch us playing with them!! That's all i have to say... keep up the good work kids! -Max Devious

Apr.19/03- Hey so this is the first update of Devious's site eh.... preeetty crazy. We've been together almost 5 years and only now we get a site! Geez... ah well, well this site was made kinda out of the blue so we weren't 100% prepared for it, and there's still alotta holes to fill, like bios. The band bio and Conor's bio will be up very soon, and we'll have some quality imagery up within the next week. Thanks y'all, keep on comin down!
-Max Devious

Apr.18/03- Bios updated.

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