Better Off | Buy It and Break It | Dripping Red | Let Go | My Salvation | Ode To Duct Tape | Stupid Kids | You And Your Friends

Better off

Verse 1
Someday weíre all gonna die
I donít care, I wonít ask why
Pushing through the big rate race
Kicking ass and punching face
From the masses we will rise
The lemmings rotting for the flies
Leading our lives on the run
On a pointless search of truth and fun

I donít know what it is
That keeps this whole place going
Humanityís our plumber
And his asscrack is showing
But hey, weíre better off not knowing

Verse 2
You must learn your ABCís
Donít forget your 123ís
We donít want you figuring out
What this fucked up place is all about
Stay in school and do your part
Business, Science, Music, Art
Originality is the deadliest sin
You wonít get back what you put in
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Buy It and Break It

Verse 1
You go to a store
Buy essential needs
But even those things
Capitalist regime
Growing strong by day
Coming true in every way

I have a solution
To end all this pollution
Stand the fuck up, and
Speak the fuck up
Unite for a greater cause
To bring the pigs down!

We fight
They win
Fighting spirit
Wearing thin
Donít give
Up hope,
The one thing
They canít take

Verse 2
America, land of the free
If youíve got enough money
Oppression amounts to obsession
ďMust keep funding flowingĒ
But some people wonít take it
Buy it, then go brake it
Protest, fight, kick and scream
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Dripping Red

Verse 1
Every day, I awake
Something else has to break
My battered heart beats a rhythm
Heard by countless numbers of them
Them, the bringers of my pain
The beautiful sunshine, turned to rain
All those endless November nights
Cowering, lonely, in my own plight

Iím numb to my numbness,
Impervious to tears
I canít evoke the willingness
To resist all my fears

This metal cuts the surface, unleashes all the evil
Unleashes the sorrow, the unwanted things I feel
Dripping red, these are my roots,
Dripping red with sorrow;
Yet, I know this forbidden fruit
Lets me carry on tomorrow

Verse 2
This fucked-up existence yet to be explained
Itís incomprehensible, I feel so drained
All those nights, numbed anger pent up
All those nights have been spent up
All I have left is this half-assed existence
So sick and tired of showing resistance
My last comfort is a piece of metal
My last argument is one I canít settle
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Let Go

Verse 1
Every morning leads to a new day
New problems and people will come my way
I live my life and I try to sleep
I hold on tight and I breathe in deep

I threw away all the notes and pictures,
Past and Future are a deadly mixture.
Thoughts and words assault my mind
This sanctuaryís so hard to find

No more fucking epiphanies,
No more analysing past tragedies
It's my hardest task, but i'll know i'll pull through
Breathe in, let go, move on from you

Verse 2
Fill the gap and walk away
The worst thing I can do is stay
I'm nothing if I can't pull through
In my shattered psyche these words ring true...

You'll never know what each day brings
Through those sounds my sorrow sings
All I wish is that this was a dream
I'm tired of thinking, i'd rather scream
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My Salvation

Verse 1
What was it like?
Being there, afraid
Hating all the choices I made
Stumbling in my darkness,
Never finding light.
Surprised to find strength
To put up a fight.

How did it feel?
What would I find?
Razor to skin,
Skin to mind
Thoughts to fears
Which I never thought Iíd find.
Endless tribulations
I cannot seem to bind

What do they want from me?
Balancing whatís left so precariously
I need a source of inspiration
Give an end to my desperation

Through the hate, through the pain
Through the scars, all in vain
I found you, my salvation
I found you, my revelation

Verse 2
Why all the suffering?
Why the pain?
These open wounds, I want to bind
Interrogation of my mind
Perilous relations,
Never mean to be
Pointless diversions,
To help me forget me

What does it matter?
Iíve found a light
A single, shining reason
To continue my fight.
Jungle green eyes,
Brooding black hair
Why didnít I find you?
You were always there.
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Ode to Duct Tape


When we started off, in a basement
We took advantage of our equipment
Nobody knew that we would be so screwed
Without our sticky silver friend
Then one day when everything went wrong
We started using our duct tape all day long
We just couldnít play our set without it
Or else all our shit would break

Always make sure to have duct tape on the ready,
You never know how it might help
This little sticky stuff saved our lives so many times,
Without it we wouldnít be here

Verse 2
Now that the second verse is in full swing
I havenít been able to find any other things
To say about our trusty companion
And our saving grace, Duct Tape
Briacís stuff all is gray and taped up
Without duct tape weíd all screw up
More than we already do,
Because we arenít going anywhere
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Stupid kids

Alcohol and park benches come to save us
Cigarettes and drugs permanently forgave us

Donít walk away
You wanna stay
The blessed youth
Are here to play

Shut the fuck up
Shut the fuck up

Weíre gonna drink
Weíre gonna die
Weíll drink that bottle
ĎTil itís dry

At least we had some fun!

Did you think youíd get anywhere
Try to get a job with your boots and spiky hair
What we had is worth nothing here
Look what they fuckin took, all we got was fear
And I just canít wait to see your face
When your preconceptions fall out of place
Because we donít give a fuck about what you say
You wouldnít understand us anyway!
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You and Your Friends

Verse 1
What you do is sickening
You chill at home all night
If you had half a brain
Youíd say at least Iím right

You say youíre cool
I say youíre not
That kinda attitude
Will surely get you shot

Sitting at home,
Watching TV alone
Go outdoors and have some
Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
But wait, donít
If you value your life
Cus the streets arenít safe anymore

Verse 2
Cops should try to merit their pay
By stopping big gang fights
Instead they do jack shit all day
And hassle drunks at night

I wish they would just lay off
It is so unfair
Only do it to get paid
I know they really donít care


Verse 3
Society might as well be dead
Cus the streets arenít safe anymore
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What Doesn't Kill You...

Verse 1

Living next to a lie
I donít regret the things Iíve done
Falling close to the shortest line
My demons never made up my mind

What is there I could have done?
I wonít forget the things I did
Pushed myself to the farthest brink
I never gave up and died


I never forgot what they said to meÖ
Donít cut your lines, just pull through
Iíll never regret what I didÖ
Held myself up high

The pain
What doesnít kill youÖ

The pain
Makes you stronger.

Verse 2

Living next to a lie
(laughing)Fuck you and your promises,
You know exactly why!
I never needed anyone but me
Those illusions of peace: futilityÖ

What is there I could have done?
Wish it was easy as starting again
Those words I heard, went straight past my head
And instead landed straight at my heart

Those words, those days forever in my mind
Those words, those days, my mind forever
I almost faced it and lied
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