We started way back…. WAY back when we were 12… so what, almost 5 years ago? When we first got together, we were called Black Ice, and we played our first show at the Cleveland Elementary School talent show. We won(not like that means anything. .). Anyhoo, for awhile there was a Dark period for Devious…. We went through 3 other names before settling with Devious; there was Black Ice, Kikflip(Mortal Kombat style… sigh), and Sugarhigh. Anyways, continuing with the dark period. Hmm…. let’s just say you don’t REALLY know Devious unless you knew us back when Max was RAPPING, and we had some random dude on bass. Yeah, we played limp bizkit covers and rocked the hizouse. Werd.

Anyway, after that there was an incubation period, where we started getting into punk, and songs like You and Your Friends, Ducktape, and the classic Presidents of the AA and Better Than Nothing came from. For awhile we were a 3-piece, and about 2 and a half years ago, Owen joined our band, and the transformation began.

After playing our first “show” at NAL studios in June 2001, shit started to get good. We landed some more shows, and were invited to put a song on the compilation Consumer’s Delight, with bands like Propagandhi, Anti-Flag, D.O.A, The Dayglo Abortions and Che: Chapter 127. For that we recorded a 5-song demo, with… oh shit that was so long ago… oh yeah we had Punk’s Not Dead, You And Your Friends(or Streets Aren’t Safe), Better than Nothing, and Distance. Today that was probably our biggest accomplishment, being able to get on a record with such amazing bands.

2002 was a good year, Max joined the seylynn committee and Devious shows were starting to become regular. In February 2002, we recorded our first full-length record, with Act Of War, Anti-Conformity Song, Better Than Nothing, Distance, Down With Society, Politically Incorrect, Presidents of the AA, Punx Not Dead, Unspoken Ideas, You and Your Friends, and Buy It And Break It. It wasn’t released, but it was recorded, produced, and mastered 100% by ourselves.

And now today, we are blooming punk musicians, looking to change the face of the local and not-so-local scene with our unique blend of hardcore punk, metal, and upbeat melodic punk/ska. Recording our first distributed full-length CD/LP over the summer of 2003 at Solid Wood Studios, look out for us in the 2003/2004 school year to rip it up and bring our unique, fully dance-able sound to absolutely everywhere we fucking can. Playing shows with acts such as Seattle’s HIMSA, and legendary Calgary punk band Belvedere, we’re movin up on the ladder and we ain’t stopping for nobody! All I can say to describe our live experience is CIRCLE FUCKING PIT!!

When we write music, we pull influences from absolutely everywhere and everyone, yet at the same time infuse every song with our unique style and energy. If anything is important, it’s originality. It isn’t about the money, or the fame. It’s energy, it’s spontaneity, it’s being able to synchronise 2 guitars, 2 voices, one bass guitar and one drum kit all into a blend of noise that sounds familiar, but at the same time fails to remind you of anything you’ve ever heard before. Once we pull this off, we know we’ve done exactly what we’ve wanted to. I hope to see you at the next show. Think Devious.