Name: Owen Johan Bryan
Nickname(s): "O", O-dawg and yes I do get the people that think they are so funny calling me BO (but if you do I will be forced to kick your ass)
Top 5 most influential bands: Thrice, AFI, Anti-Flag (for introducing me to the wonderfully magical world of punk), Protest the Hero and Thought Riot.
Favorite 5 records: Shattered Mirror Syndrome by Thought Riot and Identity Crisis/ The Illusion of Safety by Thrice and the new chilling/techno album by AFI called Sing the Sorrow
Likes: Snowboarding, Punks, Girls(only Allison of course) and you can't forget 40's of OE!!
Dislikes: Close-minded people definately suck and people with anger management problems and above all itchy dry socks.
Favorite Food: CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!