Name: Maximillian Rae Madrus
Nickname(s): Maxymoose, Max Devious, Nibbles, DUMBASS!!
Top 5 most influential bands: Kid Dynamite, Choking Victim, Raised Fist, Propagandhi, Death By Stereo
Favorite 5 Records: Shorter, Faster, Louder by Kid Dynamite, How To Clean Everything by Propagandhi, Unmerry Melodies by Bigwig, Right On Time by Falling Sickness, If Looks Could Kill I'd Watch You Die by Death By Stereo
Likes: Skateboarding, smoking, showing off, moshing the shit out of you, jumping, making an ass of myself in any way possible, tatoos, piercings, girls(i know what you're thinking... whoa he likes GIRLS?)
Dislikes: Ridiculously close-minded punks, mushrooms(except the special kind), people with "hard core" or other such 4-letter words tatooed on their knuckles, avril lavigne/simple plan/other such bands (but Blink 182 rocks)
Favorite Food: Kalamari! (that's deep-fried squid for you ignorant types)


So here's me... what do i say about myself? I'm the most beautiful man to ever grace this earth, obviously, and briac and conor BEGGED me to be in the band in grade 7 when it started. I was like "i donno... i'm too pretty for you guys" but then i caved and look where we are now! It's common knowledge that we got this far beacuse of my undeniable beauty, and ONLY because of my undeniable beauty. I dont know what else to say, so just... come talk to me at a show or something for more information on my beautiful, complicated, poetic self. I'm easy to pick out from the rest of my band, just remember i'm the stunningly beautiful one. BEAUTIFUL.